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AJ Keirn, Private Investigator Services

When asked what I do as I private investigator I can respond in a number of ways.  A few of the routine services that I provide are the following:

I provide support for criminal defense attorneys.  This consists of reviewing the case, and interviewing witnesses, who may have been reluctant to speak with the police, but feel they need to give a statement.

I provide support for family law attorneys.  This consists of serving civil process.  Occasionally, I’m asked to conduct surveillance on an estranged spouse and document their activities.  Usually, what the opposing party is wanting to know is if the estranged spouse is having an affair.

I also assist families with child custody cases.  In a lot of these cases the judge provides a set of parameters that parents have to follow.  If the parameters are not being following by the opposing parent then I will be hired to document what is occurring while the child is in that parent’s custody.

Lastly, I provide support for personal injury attorneys.  This consists of obtaining documents, interviewing witnesses, and either photographing a scene or the client’s vehicle.

These are just a few services that I perform as a private investigator.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility…

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility…

I’m not sure why people lie.

In my line of work, I witness it ALL the time.


liar-liar-i-cant-lie-oOn November 20, The Statesman had a story that, according to police, a woman’s report that she was kidnapped and assaulted was a lie.

First of all, I’ll say this: if you feel a wrong has been committed to you (or anyone), you should always report it. But with that being said, I’d like to add… if you’re a woman, you have a special responsibility towards claims against men. Unfortunately, bad things happen all the time- to women and men. But if a man is accused of assault against a women, even if the notion is just hinted at… his life could be ruined.

Even if an investigator, like me, can prove that a guy is completely innocent, the damage to his reputation will have likely already taken place.


What can a guy do if he’s been accused?

If the accusation is causing enough of a problem, the man can seek legal advice. It’s possible the accuser is committing “defamation of character.”

The man can hire someone like me to prove his innocence. At the very least, this should give peace of mind to those who are close to the man (the people who, hopefully, already believe him).

Nowadays, accusations may never even make it to the police. Or, if they do, there may not be enough evidence for them to act. So… the accuser will take to the internet. They can leave comments on public news stories, make statements on their own social media avenues, etc… Many times, it’s tough to get these removed. But, the man can hire someone who specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the right steps, negative statements can be pushed back in search results leaving positive results.


What if the man is guilty?

If the man is guilty, he should be brought to justice. If the police are unable to act because there isn’t enough evidence, a Private Investigator can look into the situation.