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In June 2018 Investigator A.J. Keirn received a telephone call from Mrs. Penny Mosley of Fleming Island, Florida who explained that she had not been in contact with her brother, Clarence Blair Steele, since March 2018. Mrs. Mosley indicated that she was unable to contact her brother by cell phone and learned that he had been evicted from his apartment in Round Rock, Texas. Mrs. Mosley expressed concern for her brother’s welfare and wanted to offer him a place to live.

Investigator Keirn, during the investigation, was able to utilize an assortment of databases to determine Mr. Steele’s daily activity. On Friday, July 20, 2018 A.J. Keirn Investigations, LLC is happy to announce Mr. Steele was located in Round Rock, Texas.

After the happy reunion Mr. Steele plans on returning to Fleming Island, Florida to live with his sister.