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A.J. Keirn Investigations can be utilized by your law firm / corporation in a variety of ways.

Locating Witnesses

In today’s society information can be the key to success while litigating a law suit or defending a client in a criminal matter. A.J. Keirn Investigations can provide that key advantage to you by assisting you in locating witnesses, which is achieved by utilizing a number of databases and resources.

Interviewing Witnesses

Witness testimony can certainly be the key in litigating a law suit or defending a client. A.J. Keirn Investigations has the experience to thoroughly interview witnesses involved in any type of case. Interviews are thorough and the client receives a detailed report regarding the content of the interview.

Investigative Expertise

A.J. Keirn spent 20 years in the law enforcement community. During that time frame, A.J. Keirn amassed over 2800 hours of law enforcement in-service classes. A.J. Keirn utilized his training to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and piece together criminal cases which achieved a high level of convictions. A.J. Keirn can bring to your law firm the professionalism, the working knowledge of an investigation and the knowledge of what it takes to put together a case, both in the civil and criminal arena.

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