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When asked what I do as I private investigator I can respond in a number of ways.  A few of the routine services that I provide are the following:

I provide support for criminal defense attorneys.  This consists of reviewing the case, and interviewing witnesses, who may have been reluctant to speak with the police, but feel they need to give a statement.

I provide support for family law attorneys.  This consists of serving civil process.  Occasionally, I’m asked to conduct surveillance on an estranged spouse and document their activities.  Usually, what the opposing party is wanting to know is if the estranged spouse is having an affair.

I also assist families with child custody cases.  In a lot of these cases the judge provides a set of parameters that parents have to follow.  If the parameters are not being following by the opposing parent then I will be hired to document what is occurring while the child is in that parent’s custody.

Lastly, I provide support for personal injury attorneys.  This consists of obtaining documents, interviewing witnesses, and either photographing a scene or the client’s vehicle.

These are just a few services that I perform as a private investigator.